Elevator Pitch

Company à BecomingInnerSelf is a company that aims / with the vision to guide women to find the path of self-empowerment through motivation, mindset, and belief. BecomingInnerSelf provides a platform of resources such as self-help tools, expert mindset coaching, and an online community that supports life transformations.

CEO à I am Shantinique James, Founder & CEO of BecomingInnerSelf. I am a Mindset Coach dedicated in teaching women to change, make change, and stay changed, for the better.

Here is the problem: There are women who lack the resources, mentally and emotionally, to make effective change in their lives. Oftentimes, women are stuck in situations that cause them to live unfulfilling lives. They usually have many responsibilities such as:

  • Raising children (managing their lives & schedule)
  • Taking care of household (food, clothing, and more)
  • Nurturers
  • Caretakers or caregivers
  • Risking goals/dreams for the sake of parenthood or relationships
  • Less time for self-care
  • Serving husband or partner
  • Multiple roles (daughters, wives, mothers, workers, and members of society)

This leads to women not knowing that they have the power to change their lives by changing their mental state, emotional response, and environmental circumstances.

BecomingInnerSelf solves this problem by providing tools, techniques, and solutions to help transform lives.

  • Provides access to resources through affordable online courses
  • Provides expert 1-on1 and group coaching on all topics relating to self-development
  • Provides access to seminars, webinars, speaking events, and workshops (for the purposes of self-help)

Our community is led by the most inspirational founder and team who are collaborating, learning, and guiding through every process.

The BecomingInnerSelf Founder is uniquely qualified. She brings service expertise from a bachelor’s degree in psychology, coaching certifications, and more. She is also her own client and knows firsthand what it is like to struggle and overcome mentally and emotionally.