Be water my friend….

In my life I’ve always pictured some far out future where things would happen in a certain way. I would always try to plan out circumstances in a way that is consistent with my beliefs and life structure. I don’t ever recall making any plans that would sacrifice my happiness. In fact, I’ve always planned out the happiest fairy-tale moments. What I’ve learned is that life isn’t always what you make it. There are obstacles that we must overcome, and challenges we must grow from. Sometimes having a plan can cause you to be distracted from the moment of whats happening. I’m not saying don’t make plans, but stating that while making plans live in the moment. The moment can be taken away from us so fast. Not only from death, but from living unconscious of your current reality. When you are always wishing, planning, or working hard for a future that’s not promised you let your moment slip away. Bruce lee said it best “Be water my friend”, because water is formless and shapeless. It can form into anything. It’s the same with us humans because we are the soul that manifests into the body, and have the ability to create so many things. We are all some wonderful creators. I’m sure your crafting up something right now. Life is unpredictable and that is the only thing we can confirm about it. We must learn how to let go and go with the flow. Let go of the things that do not serve you. I noticed that my life was not what I had dreamed of it being when I was a little girl. I had what I thought was big dreams. As life passed me by some of those dreams became distant because of life’s challenges. I was pulled into a tornado and could not get out. Living day by day in this unconscious place, where the only thing I could think of was a better future. For some reason I never thought of a better NOW. I guess I thought I would always have time. Now, that I am consciously awakened to my spirit and soul I can’t let one day pass me by where I am not remembering to go with the flow of love, peace, and gratitude. I know my purpose on earth and I live with that as my strength.


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