The Universe Delivers

If there is anything that I have learned on my spiritual journey…..

It’s that the Universe delivers….

Now this can be good or it can be bad, but its real out of all things….

I notice when I challenge myself on the inside there is something that happens to my outside circumstances….

Things start changing, moving, and rearranging…

They say…be-careful what you ask for because it might come true….

Well I agree…..

During my Spirituality journey I have seen nothing but manifestations happen, and they were back to back…

But there was one thing I noticed…

My energy was the key source for the things that appeared in my life whether good or bad…

This knowledge freaked me out! …. I’m like whoa UNIVERSE… slow it down

But my words mean nothing…the universe doesn’t speak a language..

It speaks through language…and that is the language of your frequency….

SO, let me tell you what I’ve learned from this wisdom….

I learned to live in a frequency of LOVE, a frequency of PEACE, a frequency of what ever fits ME…

You know why?

I won’t get another chance to try, another chance to cry, another chance to smile, another chance to hold my child, another chance to breathe, another chance to touch the trees….

I won’t….

Therefore, I must be the frequency I wish to live in a lifetime TODAY…I must live for tomorrow TODAY, and live for next year TODAY…

The UNIVERSE delivers TODAY in all WAYS…


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