Self-Love isn’t a Luxury. It’s a necessity.

Author’s Note: This post was written with the intention to spread the positive energy that self-love can promote. It is not based on sources from other articles or news.

                Self-Love is defined as: an appreciation of one’s own worth or virtue, proper regard for and attention to one’s own happiness or well-being, and inflated love of or pride in oneself (Merriam Webster, 2020). Webster’s dictionary described self-love in a way that helps us understand that we should appreciated who we are as individuals and not in comparison to others.

                Self-love helps you to love yourself more than what others think of you. It helps you to reflect on the good and bad while not judging yourself for any decisions. When you’ve lost all sense of reality and who you are, it’s the love of self that guides you back. In a world of so many people that are suffering and searching you have found that divinity within you. It’s the feeling of pure peace, because you know that if no one else cares you do.

                Often, we sacrifice the choice to love ourselves fully and wholly for some external pleasure. Listed below are some of the things we choose over our love of self:

  • Relationships
  • Food
  • Career’s
  • Money
  • Fears, doubts, and worries
  • Family
  • Other’s opinion
  • Religion

                As you can see the things listed are often involved in daily living. It can be easy to lose one’s self in the midst of so much confusion. The major key to developing self-love is to fully understand it. If we understand the concepts and meaning behind the things we do it can build momentum. Self-love isn’t a luxury it’s a necessity. It isn’t something we need to plan to have in the future. It’s something we must incorporate in our daily lives. Check out some things you can do to start developing self-love NOW.

Ways to incorporate self-love:

  • Deciding to reject someone who is negative
  • Exercising to stay healthy
  • Choosing to put you first
  • Reflecting on the thoughts that make you happy vs not
  • Appreciating your flaws
  • Not being too hard on yourself
  • Trusting your intentions and intuition
  • Smiling when no one is around because of the joy within
  • Planning your goals and not others
  • Saying no to those who hurt you
  • Protecting your energy in all situations because you love you that much

                When you make the decision to love yourself you can then begin taking small steps on how to regain that self-control. Subconscious programs can affect the way you think, eat, breathe, and overall life. As you start to make change and set goals for YOU, remember that there will be thoughts that will challenge you. This is apart of the function of the brain. Its function is to provide you with a life of stability, and follow your commands. Because you have programmed yourself to disregard the love of self it will reject any different command unless you repeatedly take the same action.

                Remember, it is going to be hard to change built in habits. But, it’s normal for your mind to feed you thoughts of who you were. You must stick to the goal and use repetition as key. As you repeatedly take actions like some listed above for yourself, you will then start to see a change in the way you feel. Self-love feels good. Start following the feeling of what feels good. Notice the things you are doing that make you feel good and do more of them.

                Finally, don’t compare your life to others. You are ONE OF A KIND, and your existence is GOLD. There is nothing we need to prove, certify, or confirm through others. Therefore, when attempting to love one’s self you will need to block out the opinions of others unless they genuinely care for you. If you have a source of love and light like GOD or the UNIVERSE, it is recommended to lean on your faith. There is real love in the light of the universe.


 “Self-love.” Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, Accessed 18 Jun. 2020.

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